Thinking About The Ontario Provincial Election; And Imperialism

The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

― Karl Marx ”


As election season kicks off in Ontario once again, we are again bombarded with the typical bourgeois slogans championing one representative of the bourgeoisie over another. “All out to defeat Ford”, rings eerily similar to the 2015 Federal election – “Anything But Harper” and the 2016 US Presidential Election – “All Out To Defeat Trump”. This is to be expected living within a bourgeois “democratic” country like Canada, but expected or not, how long until we move past these same old routines that result only in more attacks on the colonized and working class at home, more exploitation of the colonized and working class abroad, and more devastation and disregard for our natural environment.

Imperialism is imperialism, whether its draped in Liberal Red, Conservative Blue or Social Democratic Orange, and imperialism is the elephant in the room that not only the parties themselves choose to ignore – but the advocates of those parties also – including , disappointingly, those who call themselves communists and socialists.

Now granted, in Ontario this is only a provincial election. What could the provinces or a provincial political party do to combat imperialism? Why are you mentioning imperialism in the context of a provincial election? Well, there is plenty that a provincial party and election could do. First off, it could mention the reality of Imperialism on the National scale and actively work to educate the electorate about the truth, nature and process of Canadian Imperialism; both at home and abroad – at a bare minimum. If it were so inclined, it could develop a platform that works to remove Ontario from the union of imperialist provinces and promote an exit from said Imperialist Union. There is a party in Northern Ontario – they are monarchists mind you and not socialists – who have adopted a platform to separate Northern Ontario and create a new province out of the North. This party mind you does not want to secede from the union of imperialist provinces, but only seeks more control and power over the resources and activities of this northern half of Ontario. This party and it’s tactics are not a solution to the question of imperialism, but it is an example of a direction that a socialist or communist movement could advocate for – but which at nearly every instance do not, or have not considered. Instead, we have Social Democratic Communists developing a platform within a bourgeois democratic framework and competing with the bourgeois parties for control of the bourgeois ship, or worse, championing the cause of the bourgeois NDP; and attempting to justify it as defending the rights and lives of workers in the context of an “All out to defeat Ford” of “Anything but Wynn” or the same typical and predictable channelling of legitimate working class angst and resistance into the acceptable cartel party election facade.

But Lenin said we should participate in parliamentary elections.”, is the response that echos from those who would have read this as a condemnation of parliamentary participation. Not at all is it that. And in fact Lenin did say to participate in elections so long as the majority of society were still invested in them – which arguably enough of a percentage are. Take part in elections and the parliamentary process so that we may demonstrate in their forum the utter bankruptcy of the bourgeois parliamentary party system; not to compete within the same framework on platforms that would exist within the same framework of society, not to “take hold of the ready-made state-machinery and wield it for their own ends.” And certainly not to champion a bourgeois democratic cartel party on the basis of defending the rights of workers or a lesser evil mentality.

Abolish the party system!” How’s that for a slogan and a platform? If lesser-evilism is a constant reality, then that reality is made possible only by the party system itself ( within the context of a bourgeois democratic society – capitalism and class society are in reality at the root of the matter ) and as such real defence, real championing and defending of the workers and working class – as they say they are doing – would illustrate this fact and forward this slogan which actually centres and fixes at least that aspect of the problems of lesser-evilism. “Abolish the party system!” instead we hear “Change For The Better” from the Orange wave of salvation that we once again MUST rally around in order to prevent a “Wynn” or “Ford” Ontario.

Abolish the Party System!” “Separate From The Union Of Imperialist Provinces!” “Socialism or Barbarism!” “Let Us Fight For Socialism And Our Demands!” “All Power To The People!” These are the slogans and actions that take the colonized and working class people as their starting point and premise as opposed to a market to be sold to and ultimately bought. And it’s these slogans and actions that are lacking.

Defending the workers and the rights of workers.This is something we hear often from all political parties as well as those who feel the need to justify support for certain political parties, but rarely is that question followed up with questions like “which ones?”, “at which ones expense?”, “where do the benefits and profits we enjoy and increase come from?” etc. Failing to properly dissect and understand the context in which the world economy works – and affects individual provinces as a result – ( on purpose in the case of the bourgeois cartel parties ) “Defending the workers and the rights of workers” becomes a rallying cry very often being used to increase the exploitation of workers outside of our countries at the hands of our imperialist states. Inadvertently succumbing to the buy off made by the capitalist ruling class, through which they seek to lessen tensions at home so that they can increase exploitation, militarism, and as such, profits abroad. No consideration is given to the real life cost on the other end by the corporations or imperialist states responsible, and as a result of a successful buy off, and through a successful channelling of legitimate working class discontent, which could have been transformed into international solidarity and action, very little consideration is given by the mass of working class people at home – who have succumb to the “working class nationalism” that says we are different than our counterparts on the other end of our mining companies or jackboots. We become in the service of our bourgeois ruling class, based on the pretext of self-preservation, in the international struggle for proletarian emancipation and as such we place ourselves in the enemy camp.

I don’t fault the NDP for their role in these things, the NDP is a capitalist party representing the capitalist ruling class and designed for just the purpose of channelling that energy to avoid actual and legitimate social upheaval and a change in the social relations of production. Just as I won’t hold it against them that they do not properly inform the working class about the true nature of class society and how it is tied concretely to peoples relations to production and the social relations of a society built based on those relations to production. The NDP is a capitalist party and as such they will champion the ideas and actions necessary to salvage the capitalist class and the capitalist system; they will never go beyond things like an increase in taxation on the rich for example. This is evident by the most recent leadership race of the NDP – ignoring the $30, 000 price tag to contend for leadership in this “working class” party – in which Niki Ashton dipped back to “The Regina Manifesto” – which does challenge the capitalist system, not enough, but by today’s comparison in a very meaningful way- and the results of the leadership race. It is clear that the NDP is the party of capitalist refuge from working class discontent and not the party of working class champions ready to lead to us to power.

Abolish the Party System!” “Separate From The Union Of Imperialist Provinces!” “Socialism or Barbarism!” “Let Us Fight For Socialism And Our Demands!” “All Power To The People!” These are the slogans and actions that would champion the working class, that would truly “Defend the workers and the rights of workers”. But these slogans are nowhere on the lips of the cartel parties who say we need to defeat Ford, or defeat Wynn or whatever the order of the day is. “Change For The Better”, that’s the slogan of these champion’s of the working class – in fact these champions of Imperialism.


Boycott the Vote” is a result of a correct analysis of the situation given the context of Canadian “democracy” but with some things left to be considered. “Boycott the vote” but not the parliamentary election process perhaps? And especially considering the recent removal of the $1000 price tag to be able to contend in the federal elections. One could participate in the election while promoting a boycott/occupation campaign and based on the demands of the true working class slogans mentioned above. “Don’t Vote! , Boycott and Occupy, Let Us Fight For Socialism And Our Demands”. Rather than encouraging people to vote, we would encourage them to occupy important spaces and instead make demands – in true democratic form.


Platform Plank / Demand #1 – Abolish the Party System!”

the colonized and working class of our country and the world are subject to the dictates of the minority capitalist class through their governing apparatus which includes both the parliamentary system and the party system, as such nothing less than the abolition of the party system itself and the party system of government is necessary to combat this reality and disconnect between the will of the people and the deeds of our representatives. The party system is outdated representing a mere 2% of the population – taken by % of voters registered as members of parties – and has failed, continuously. That is unless we observe it from the class perspective of our capitalists, in which case the party system has served them quite well.


Platform Plank/ Demand #2 – “Separate From The Union Of Imperialist Provinces!”

Provincially the cartel parties that are forced on the people in the name of choice and democracy not only consistently fail to represent the will of the people elected by them, but continue to exploit the land, resources,labour etc of both the colonized and working class people within provincial borders in favour of international corporations and the capitalist ruling class. Sudbury, Ontario is a perfect example of the contradictions of capitalism and how they manifest in society; we have the largest nickel deposit in the world and one needs only to walk the streets of Sudbury for a short time to see the stark contrast between the implications of being so rich in resources and the reality that the people of Sudbury face daily. Sudbury is just one example of countless cities across Canada and in fact around the world. Separation from the union of imperialist provinces has to be the demand of the champions of the working class – champions of the working class both at home and internationally, because the working class is one class not separated by borders, as capital is not separated by borders so our solidarity and “defence of the workers and the rights of the working class” is also not separated by borders.


Platform Plank / Demand #3 – “Socialism or Barbarism!”

These words, truer now than when they were written, are the bare minimum that anyone who claims to be “for the people” or “for the working class” should be speaking. Anything less than these words falls short of the truth. Capitalism has not only been a dying and decaying system for decades that will not relinquish power on its own accord and instead like a parasite will feast and devour until it has killed both itself and its host. Thus is the nature of a parasite, and thus is the reality we are witnessing daily 100 years into Imperialism – capitalism’s highest stage. There’s millions of children starving, there’s millions of people dying in imperialist wars for plunder, power and redivisons of world markets and resources, there’s ecological crisis and constant economic crisis. To look around the planet and see anything other than barbarism in the manifestation globally of the contradictions between a very small global capitalist ruling class and a very large exploited and destitute colonized and working class is to just willingly close ones eyes to reality. To continue to support models and systems of society that not only facilitate this barbarism but actively support it through the division of the international working class on the basis of luxury and buyoffs to one section, is to clearly and plainly step into the camp of the enemy. Socialism or Barbarism was true in its warning then, it’s true in it’s reality now, and it is the least that is required if we are to be actively in the support and defence of workers and workers rights – not just in Ontario, not just in Canada, but internationally; as none of the parts are separated from the whole.


Platform Plank / Demand #4 – “Let Us Fight For Socialism And Our Demands!”

There are many struggles that exist within society and those struggles should absolutely be fought. Its the form in which and the content and context through which those struggles are fought that is the decisive factor in determining which class those struggles ultimately serve. Minimum wage increases for example are not a bad thing and are an inherent part of the struggle between capital and labour – explained quite well in “Value, Price and Profit” by Marx, but a minimum wage increase is not the entirety of the question. Within the context of a capitalist society, where would the supposed wage increase come from? From the profits of the capitalist, reply advocates. Or, from the tax increase on the wealthy. Ok, but where do capitalist profits come from? We know that profit is derived from the excess labour that a worker provides above the subsistence required for that worker to return to work the next day and continue the process. We also know that the process of consumer society is such that a product, service and as such wage of a particular employee is not considered in the context of itself as a standalone thing, but in relation to the entire process of production required in order to be able to provide whatever product or service is being provided in the consumer society – which involves many parts and workers – and as such any change in the conditions in one part of the process – such as a minimum wage increase in Canada – will have an affect on another part; usually a worker in a seemingly disconnected part of the process of production – somewhere throughout the imperialist chain of production from raw materials to finished product and/or service. On the alternative, its very rare to hear in response to the question of where the increase should / would come from that in fact the nationalization and socialization of the resources and means of production of society should be used to fund not only minimum wage increases but to fund many if not all of the social services necessary in Canada. This would in fact not only draw attention to the reality of capitalist Imperialism – of which Canada is happily a part of – but the fact that we ultimately benefit from the exploitation and oppression of those at the other end of our “consumer society imperialism”, and that that benefit is a direct tactic of the capitalist ruling class to remove international solidarity between workers, which would effectively spell the beginning of the end of global capitalist imperialism – and which would in fact be in the service of the working class. Our “champions of the working class” – that is our “working class nationalists” at every time fail to draw clear lines of demarcation between the form, content and context through which these struggles are fought and should be fought. “Let Us Fight For Socialism And Our Demands” because our demands are just demands in a capitalist wage-slave society, and because Socialism is the recognition of those just demands in the context of justice for all workers and colonized people involved in the process of production under Imperialism.


Platform Plank / Demand #5 – “All Power To The People!”

“The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history. “ – Mao Tse Tung


We live in a democracy we’re told. Without getting into the many ways we are far from a democracy – the Canadian democratic system has been explored here https://acommunistcanada.wordpress.com/2017/05/27/explore-democracy/ – it is acceptable to say that “All Power To The People” is the embodiment of democratic ideals and democratic theory put into action in society. A modest demand for a class of people who already operate society and make sure society functions but are now ready to realize our ability to command society on our behalf as well. We elect representatives who don’t represent us and have no accountability when they sell us out. We elect political parties and platforms that we’ve had no hand in shaping or moulding under the promise that they will keep their promises in the aftermath. Since when has the idea of democracy been rooted in promises instead of power. Democracy has always meant the power of the people. “All Power To The People!” There’s various ways that the expression of this power by the people could manifest itself in a society not bound by the dictates of imperialism and shackled to the Union Of imperialist Provinces, but where are even the voices of basic people’s democracy in the halls of the bourgeois cartel parties and in the pages of their platforms? Where are the proposals for automatic recall laws when failing to represent the will of the people? Where are proposals to make access to the democratic processes more accessible to the common person in society? Where are the proposals to remove political parties from being able to form governments in favour of independent candidates. None of these proposals would challenge the capitalist foundations of society and even these modest – but self removing – modifications to “democracy” are too much for our capitalists and their parties to surrender to the people. And none of the “champions of the working class” who shamelessly support these cartel parties draw these conclusions in favour of the colonized and working people of the province, the country and the world; instead in cheap salesman fashion they parrot the imperialist party slogans and sales pitch in an attempt to seduce the working class away from its own interests. This is unacceptable from anyone who claims to be in support of, in defence of or in the camp of the working class and oppressed people of the world and should be called out as such. “All Power To The People!” otherwise it remains “All Power To The Capitalists. All Power To Imperialism!”


““No ruling class has ever laid down its privileges without a struggle. It becomes, therefore, self-evident that the struggle of the proletariat with the bourgeoisie will be of a violent revolutionary character.” – Lucy Parsons


If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” – Emma Goldman


It is expected during election season that the bourgeois imperialist cartel parties will sell themselves to the working class and colonized people as the saviours of all our ills if we would only invest our trust in them, then they surely will not let us down – this time. This has become as accustomed to us in Canada as the changing of the seasons. But when those who call themselves socialists or communists do the same thing on behalf of the imperialists and capitalists – regardless of the justification, given the context of what that actually means – then they abandon the working class in favour of the scraps and self preservation offered by our masters. Don’t be those comrades. Study the situation not just on a local level, but how that connects to a provincial, federal, international level. Study the connections between the exploitation of resources in Sudbury for example, or your local region, and that of workers in Africa and Latin America at the hands of the same capitalists. Study the differences between the exploitation itself in the host country where the capitalists house their corporations and companies and the exploitation in colonized countries – and how the differential serves imperialism. And study how nationalization and socialization of these resources for example into the common ownership of society and the expropriation of these capitalist giants at the head of the worlds plunder not only benefit the worker here in Canada in the immediacy, but removes the condition – or at least has begun to – where workers need to struggle against capitalists and bosses for the basic necessities of life and right to access those necessities based on scales of poverty, which are in turn rooted in the private-ownership of the means of production of society – or capitalist organization.


Our “champions” in the NDP fail to represent the workers when they fail to present the class dynamic that is at the root of global imperialism and global capitalism; a dynamic that is based on the social relations toward the productive forces of society and the organization of society based on those relations. Instead the NDP does not challenge the structure and idea of property relations and ownership, but rather proposes that we increase the taxes imposed on those who profit from this system of exploitation when in fact we should be abolishing it completely. The NDP makes no mistakes about where it’s loyalties lie and neither do socialists or communists who take the NDP at their words and actions. From the failure to present and oppose class society among the working class, to its continued support for imperialist military aggression during the “War on Terror” that began officially in 2001, the NDP has more than once accurately and articulately presented what class it hails from, represents, supports and is loyal to and what class it isn’t. Our Socialists and Communists fail to be such in any meaningful way when they place themselves under the banner of imperialism via the banner and slogans of their bourgeois imperialist cartel parties.


Abolish the Party System!” “Separate From The Union Of Imperialist Provinces!” “Socialism or Barbarism!” “Let Us Fight For Socialism And Our Demands!” “All Power To The People!” – These are the slogans and actions of international working class solidarity in the context of Canadian Imperialism and Provincial and/or Federal elections. What could a provincial party do to combat imperialism? All of the above and no less it seems. What could internationalist socialists and communists do to combat imperialism in the context of Canadian provincial elections? All of the above it seems.


There is a possibility that in the process of bringing the “Boycott the Vote” campaign into the elections that inadvertently multiple independent candidates would be elected to seats of parliament. This is in no way the goal since as is clearly pointed out in the above link about Canadian democracy, and in the quotes posted throughout, parliament is not the road by which a change in the social relations of production of society from private to common will take place; however, should that be the case that parliament see’s itself populated with “independent socialist candidates”, that will present the basis for a new set of potentials and possibilities surrounding the ability to return revolutionary politics to the state-political apparatus; both provincially and federally. But again, this is not the aim.


In the wake of another provincial election in Ontario, and the unfortunate reality of seeing socialists and communists abandon the working class to champion the bourgeoisie, all I can say is:

Abolish the Party System!” “Separate From The Union Of Imperialist Provinces!” “Socialism or Barbarism!” “Let Us Fight For Socialism And Our Demands!” “All Power To The People!”


Blungey McGrues





Karl Marx – Alive and Well


It’s 200 years after the birth of Karl Marx, and nearly 30 years after the overthrow of The Soviet Union and the declared “end of history”, but yet the name of Karl Marx can’t seem to wither away out of society; despite constant attempts by the bourgeoisie the world over. So much so has this withering of Marx and his ideas not been the case, that today we would be hard pressed to find a mainstream media outlet who has not been forced to examine the legacy , life and teachings of Marx within their pages and platforms – whether in an affirmative or a negative framework. The fact is that 200 years after the birth of Karl Marx, Marxism and Communism / Communist ideals are alive and well, growing rapidly in western capitalist countries, and like it or not cannot be ignored by the ruling class who would much prefer Marx be relegated to the dustbin of history – a place where capitalism and a bourgeois ruling class are quickly heading.

With large sections of the world still openly declaring a dedication to Marxism it seems relevant to examine what were Marx’s ideas and how do they relate to us today? How can they help us to understand the conditions of today? How, if at all, can they help us to move forward out of parasitic capitalism toward a socialist society?

What were the ideas of Marx? Marx wrote in a time when capitalism was establishing itself in the world and was very much in it’s infancy. Marx recognized the way industrialization was quickly transforming the landscape of both capitalism and labour. With industrial capitalism came the large socialization of labour. This created the dynamic of a socialized and socially conscious labour force coupled with the private appropriation of the finished product, not by the workers who produced the product, but by the capitalist owner(s). This process of production results in multiple ramifications that can have no alternative but to polarize society into two growing and ever more consolidated camps. Those who own the means of production – the capitalists – and those who own nothing but the ability to sell their labour for subsistence – the working class.

Marx explained that through this division of society into various classes based on the division of labour , multiple instances would arise. He explained the idea of alienation. Alienation from ones labour and the products there-of, but also alienation between man and himself. The capitalists, paying mere subsistence wages – that is wages in the amount deemed necessary to reproduce the ability for the wage-slave to return to work the following day, but as little more than this as possible – aim to keep the working class toiling for as many hours per day as possible, coupled with the increase in technological advancement that reduces the actual labour of working men and women to mere cogs or parts in a much larger machine. The result is that the worker has absolutely no relation to his / her labour, no relation to the finished product, and no time left in the day after working to ensure their survival, to explore or embrace the true creative nature that makes a worker a human being. Thus we have the complete alienation of the worker from their labour and themselves.

Marx also went further and undertook the monumental task of not only understanding, but dissecting and illustrating the mechanics of the system of capitalism itself. By examining the various parts of capitalism, from private property, to commodities, to wages, to labour itself, Marx attempted to provide us with a way to grasp that which has its boot on the necks of the masses of workers so that we may understand the nature of our exploitation and the bankruptcy of things like appeals to morality and fairness on the part of the capitalists and ruling class. Marx showed ( largely in Capital, but also in The Communist Manifesto and especially Value, Price and Profit ) that the nature of capitalists and capitalism is to accumulate capital and profit. Where does profit come from? asks Marx. To which he explains the theory of “surplus-value of labour”. Marx explains that the value of labour power is not equal to the value of wages paid to the worker for his/her days wage, but that in fact the wage of the worker is merely the amount required to meet subsistence for the worker to ensure their ability to return to work the following day. So let’s say for example that a work day is 12 hours, and that the cost of subsistence requires only 6 hours of labour. That means that the wage paid to the worker for a 12 hour day, being only equal to the output of 6 hours of labour is not and cannot be the total value of labour output by the worker because the worker is producing another 6 hours worth of labour value above the 6 hours required to pay his / her wage for the 12 hour day. The other 6 hours of labour power – for which the worker is not paid – is the surplus value, or the profit pocketed by the capitalist – who has done none of the work to produce the goods – and is an unnecessary aspect of the production process . Marx predicted that this process and this division of labour would not only polarize the two growing classes of society – proletariat and bourgeoisie – in ever increasing and antagonistic ways, but would also lead to a monumental centralization of capital and means of production into fewer and fewer hands.

Marx recognized through his entire life that this dynamic, this capitalist society could result in only one outcome; the revolutionary struggle between the masses of the working class and the capitalist ruling class. Marx recognized and maintained throughout his life that only revolution could emancipate the working class from the bonds of wage-slavery. Only a working class revolution could eliminate the oppressive fetters of capitalism.

Since the death of Marx, it would be foolish to ignore the accuracy with which he was able to determine the trajectory of capitalism into monopoly capitalism and imperialism. It would also be foolish to ignore the inspiration that Marx has been and is to hundreds of millions of proletarian revolutionaries throughout the years, who armed with the understandings and science of Marxism were able to liberate themselves, through revolution, from the yoke of capitalist oppression; and the hundreds of millions more currently engaged in that revolutionary struggle.

It’s been 200 years since the birth of Karl Marx. Half the worlds wealth is concentrated into the hands of 8 people. Imperialism is as ferocious as ever in it’s attempts to dominate and control various strategic geographic and resource rich areas at the expense of millions of working class people. Massive debt and unemployment rock the most established capitalist countries, resulting in ever more fascistic tendencies. Automation and robotics under capitalism threatens to once again reshape the division of labour – and labour itself – in society. The world as a whole is more consolidated, more polarized, more disenfranchised, more alienated and more restless; and more aware. Is it any wonder that 200 years later the bourgeois class and their mouthpieces in mainstream media are forced to contend with the growing wave of Marxism and Communism? Is it any wonder that in the US – that bastion of capitalism – over 50% of people under 30 prefer Socialism to Capitalism?

Clearly there is a specter haunting capitalism. The specter of Communism. The specter of working class, proletarian revolution.

Karl Marx was not a prophet. He was not a messiah. He was not even always right. But he was a Communist and a Comrade. He applied Historical and Material Dialectics – a process through which the starting point of any premise begins with the human actor and his/her material conditions and the dialectic method of recognizing the contradictory and antagonistic unity of opposites propelling all things forward in an evolutionary manner – in an explosive and exposing way to display in bare and naked truth the reality of the current epoch – that of capitalism and proletarian revolution. Through this method and this approach, Marx left us with an invaluable ability to correctly understand the world around us, the trajectory we are heading, the foundational mechanics that govern society, the ability to perceive alternatives, and the inspiration and understanding of revolutionary action being the bare minimum required in order to move past the parasitic system of capitalism.

200 years later and here we are, bombarded with articles in the mainstream verifying that “failure” of Marxism in an attempt to shield themselves from the rising tide of working class retribution, and here we are 200 years later, wishing Marx a happy birthday and recognizing that “the ruling classes tremble at the thought of a communistic revolution”.

“In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.

In all these movements, they bring to the front, as the leading question in each, the property question, no matter what its degree of development at the time. …

The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. “ – The Communist Manifesto


A Communist Canada



On The Illegal Missile Strikes Against Syria

In light of last night’s illegal missile strike on Syria by the United States, the United Kingdom and France, it is important to consider not only the implications of such an attack, but how such events sit in the context of International Law, and how the context of International Law sits in the context of the global community, and of the International Working Class.

All to often we hear claims by the mightiest of the world that those who stand in the way of their geo-political aims are guilty of atrocious crimes ranging from genocide, to mass murder, to the use of chemical weapons and in violation of International Law. More than once these claims have been used – absent proof or regard for the mechanisms of International Order and Peace – The UN Security council etc – as the pretext and justification to attack these countries. In this century alone we can count Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria who have been the targets of Western Imperialisms attempts to maintain global hegemony and geo-political dominance in what are considered important regions of the world – both strategically and in terms of access to resources.

It is clear to anyone who is paying attention that the standards imposed on the targets of Western Imperialism are very far removed from the standards that the worlds powers are held to. It is also equally as clear that the only agenda being pursued by Western Imperialism is one of control and domination in response to an emerging multi-polar world.

The attack comes after claims by the Russian Government that the chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged by Brittain, and hours before international inspectors were set to examine the attack site; which leads one to be extremely suspect of the timing and reasoning for engaging in such a reckless and illegal missile strike on Syria.

For it’s part, Russia had said it would shoot down any missiles launched toward Syria as well as their launchpads. This threat however did not manifest into reality, and the Syrian Arab Army was able to successfully shoot down the majority of the incoming missiles with their Air Defense System; according to sources inside Syria and confirmed later by the US military.

There are a lot of questions that remain and indeed more questions as a result. The one thing that is never in question is the fact that it is always and every time the civilian populations that are the direct victims and sufferers of these attacks and their resulting after-effects. The other blatantly clear fact here is that once again, these strikes were illegal according to international law – the same international law that is so often cited as justification for illegal interventions; and the same International Law that these violators are never held to.

The illegal parties involved and all countries who support it, must absolutely be held accountable for their actions, as well as the parties involved in the ongoing bombings and invasion of Syria, the murder of Palestinian protesters and journalists by Israel and sanctioned and supported by all Western Imperialist countries, including Canada, which is all part of a connected and broader Imperialist agenda. However, they won’t be.

The scope and size of the hypocrisy here is only outdone by the blatant realization that Imperialism – not International Peace – is what dominates the agenda of the global powers. Imperialism, not International Peace is what will be the guiding policy of our ruling classes and that the only way International Peace and not Imperialism will triumph is through a conscious and coordinated international effort of the working class to smash Imperialism where it stands.

A Communist Canada


In Response to an article released by “The Opportunist” faction of the RCP-Canada titled: “A Communist Canada and the Continuators: putting the “Strange” in “Strange Bedfellows” “

This article is in response to the article titled “A Communist Canada and the Continuators: putting the “Strange” in “Strange Bedfellows”” , issued by “The Opportunist” clique of Canada’s PCR-RCP on March 6th 2018. Found here: https://www.pcrrcp.ca/en/5927

Anyone familiar with the work and practice of ‘A Communist Canada’ knows that we don’t spend our time engaging in petty quarrels with other communist organizations, regardless of the tendency, and that we primarily focus our efforts toward advocating socialism and communism to non-communists – most of who in our experience have no idea about the historical and ideological differences between them. Most of the people we orient toward are still very much taken by the anti-communist hysteria’s of the past and so any exploration into our website and / or social media groups will show that we have only ever engaged in this type of activity 1 other time, and that time was with this parties representatives in Sudbury, Ontario, close to a year ago. We are not a communist party. We are a grassroots organization that promotes and advocates, agitates, and educates toward communism and that is where we spend our focus. Not polemics between communists. With that said, this response is unfortunately required.

A brief history of A Communist Canada.

A Communist Canada was started 3 years ago – not a couple – in Elliot Lake , Ontario – not Sudbury. The fact of this very simple and easily recoverable information shows the depths with which the RCP Opportunists understand anything about the origins or practice of A Communist Canada. We formed as an organization during the Canada-wide mobilizations to oppose Bill C-51; before the first round of Canada-wide actions. ( here is a link to our organized anti-C51 event in Elliot Lake, where we originated – https://acommunistcanada.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/elliot-lake-ontario-takes-part-in-the-national-day-of-action-against-bill-c-51/ )

When we formed as an organization, we oriented ourselves around the politics of The Communist Party of Canada and their political platform as an expression of what a shift toward communism could look like. We began to build the organization in parallel with the relationships we were building with not only the CPC, but with the rest of the Canadian and International Communist movement that we became aware of. We were brand new to politics and organizing at this point, and were developing as we grew. A process for which we certainly won’t apologize and through which we learned a great deal, gained some incredible comrades and have achieved more in our 3 years of existence than we thought possible in regard to bringing people into the fold of communism and communist ideas.

During this time, we actively campaigned for the CPC’s candidate in the 2015 Federal Election :Liz Rowley – who is now the leader of the CPC – for her candidacy in the Sudbury, Ontario district. Through the activities of A Communist Canada, and at the same time, we developed a solid working relationship with a comrade in Sudbury from the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada , or the CPC-ML. At the same time we were campaigning for the CPC in the Sudbury District, we were helping our comrade from the CPC-ML in his campaign in the Nickel Belt District – which is next door to Sudbury. Sectarianism has never been a part of our practice.

Following the election, and amid political differences A Communist Canada ceased being a specifically CPC support group in our description. Although we have continued to support the initiatives and comrades of the CPC. Since this parting of ways, which was in 2015, A Communist Canada has operated under the declaration that we are ..

We are a grass roots group of Canadians, with friends and supporters around the world. We believe in and strive for the realization of a communist society in Canada. A society in which the needs of the people are met , equality among the people has been achieved and where class , currency and division are things of the past. We aim to work with and coordinate with all individuals and organizations who share this vision and who work and struggle towards its realization, in all avenues of the struggle. We are ‘A Communist Canada’

which has always been accessible on our About Page on our website here: https://acommunistcanada.wordpress.com/about/ , as well as on every one of our social media account pages. This has been our continuing practise ever since 2015.

When we parted ways with the CPC, ACC internal conversations were had and discussions took place. It was agreed upon by the majority of active and participating members of A Communist Canada that we would adopt this approach to our practice. Our comrades in ACC were well informed of all that was taking place, and at no time did any outside organization ask us to sum it up. Not even when I personally applied for membership to the RCP – which I will touch on later where I address specific parts of their article.

Since 2015, we have operated under the same practice and so this excerpt from their article is either 1 of 2 things … 1) wilfully disingenuous … or 2) simply completely ignorant of A Communist Canada and attempting to pretend otherwise …

What are the politics of ACC? Depends on the month. Since they were founded a couple of years ago, ACC has switched its allegiance again and again: first to the CPC, the PCR-RCP, and now the Continuators, often with brief intermissions as an independent initiative (this is not to mention the frequent sharing and re-sharing of articles from the CPC-ML on ACC’s page). Of course, no summation or self-criticism ever follows these seismic shifts. To call it eclecticism would be an understatement. ACC is positively scatterbrained.

A Communist Canada never as an organization held “allegiance” to the PCR-RCP in the manner that it originally did to the CPC. And in fact 1 of the 2 original founders of A Communist Canada repeatedly refused to join the RCP despite their efforts to recruit her. I personally ( Blungey McGrues ) supported the PCR-RCP and actively worked with them, promoted them, and applied for membership within their party – which I was granted.

To the specific claims in the article

I will address specific claims made in the Opportunist article now one at a time in the same manner I did previously in the below linked article. Where the claims overlap , I will simply provide a link to where this has been addressed before. Where the claims are not covered in existing articles or our About section, I will answer them here .

Claim 1 : While he was briefly involved with an organizing committee of the PCR-RCP, the leader of ACC showed a truly disturbing depth of opportunism, once even publicly shaking hands with a member of the fascist Soldiers of Odin at a Take Back the Night march. When criticized for this, he insisted that the xenophobic goon was a “long time friend that I rightfully call brother and have the utmost love and respect for.” He quit shortly after.

Answer: If they mean by “briefly” that I worked with comrades for over a year, that I applied for membership in the party and was accepted nearly 6 months after this incident they bring up at the “TBTN March”

( My previous response to these claims when they first came up : https://acommunistcanada.wordpress.com/2017/04/21/blungey-responds-to-personal- attacks-slander-and-false-accusations-made-by-ben-benn-organizer-for-revolutionary- communist-party-sudbury-sudbury-against-fascism/)

then yes , I was “briefly” involved with them. This level of misrepresentation and falsehood has become a common theme in the publications of the “Opportunist RCP”. My question to the RCP in response to their claim of “opportunism” on my behalf , is why allow someone who “shook hands with a member of the fascist SOO”, to continue to work with your comrades in Sudbury for another 6 months, to apply for membership to your party, to be accepted, to be given internal documents that belong specifically to the party for party members? And then to quit of my own accord?

Your comrades in Sudbury were either A) engaging in the most blatant opportunism by ignoring those facts in lieu of the credibility I have with people in Sudbury and the opportunity that my connections in the city would and did afford them. If I shook hands with a fascist then your comrades compromised your entire party by vouching for me, continuing to work with me, proposing me for membership and confirming my credibility for membership. You in the party were either aware of all of this and also chose opportunism, or your comrades in Sudbury chose to deceive you for their own opportunism.

Claim 2: ACC’s leader, for example, recently shared an article from The Red Flag, hosted on the Continuators’ website, “Mass Line: Building the Revolutionary Movement”. Normally this wouldn’t be too surprising since sharing (and re-sharing, and again re-sharing) articles from other groups seems to make up the vast majority of ACC’s public activity. What’s surprising is that this piece was written by an ardent supporter of the legitimate PCR-RCP who has very little good to say about the Continuators these days. …. “(this is not to mention the frequent sharing and re-sharing of articles from the CPC-ML on ACC’s page)

Answer : This seems like a pretty odd thing to call out. “Blungey shared articles on facebook that counter the continuators political line” . Yes … many. I also share Working Class History posts from libcom , I share articles from the CPGB-ML, from revisionist parties the world over etc etc etc. Im not actually sure what the Opportunists are trying to say here, but it sounds like “You shouldn’t share opposing communist views because the people reading them have no ability to think critically.” This is obviously not a view that I agree with or support. Short of that, I wonder why it would actually matter what I share on facebook? People who want to speak to me about my politics and what I personally think, do.

Claim 3: “whose most noteworthy public activities include a truly cringe-worthy podcast (“Follow the Red Brick Road”) and a campaign by its founder to have his friends change their Facebook profile pictures to headshots of themselves with the caption “I am the face of communism in Canada”.

Answer: Again the Opportunists clearly illustrate how much they did not put in to actually exploring ACC for their criticism … “Follow The Red Brick Road” is not and has never been a podcast… It is an online paper generated by Twitter, through a site called “ paper.li” that collects the various articles shared on twitter by our followers and generates a daily online newspaper out of it. Quite different from a podcast.


I could speculate that the podcast they meant was a radio interview we did with a comrade of the CPC in 2015 during the election campaign on “Blog Talk Radio” , but if i remember correctly that one was called “Working Toward A Communist Canada” and was only ever that 1 interview with said comrade.

The “I am the face of communism in Canada” campaign. Yes we launched it, and used it for a while in our infancy in 2015. When we started to advocate for communism, we realized that a great many people had a great many misconceptions of Communism. This may not have been the experience of the Opportunists , but it was certainly the experience of us when we launched, and were primarily organizing people we knew personally through our social media accounts. The campaign was designed to shift the focus of the image of communism from the historical figures of the past – to everyday Canadians of today. We we’re not well established Marxists at this point – a fact we’ve always been open about – and were aiming to distance Communism in Canada from the image of Stalin etc. This is a practise and a campaign that has not been active since the very very early weeks of our inception, and so it’s interesting that the Opportunists would have to go back as far as 2015 and our infancy to criticize our practice. But I guess that speaks volumes about what we have been doing since.

Claim 4 : This is not an isolated incident, either. On ACC’s own website, its leader describes having gotten access to internal documents of the PCR-RCP, reading them, and finding that:

I, Blungey McGrues , coming from the working class of Sudbury, and in the service of the working class of Sudbury and internationally, after reading the documents I no longer felt that

1. The RCP-Canada was in the best interest or service of the working class and

2. I could no longer in good faith organize for organizations whose main goal was to recruit/organize for a party I no longer supported or believed benefited the working class.

We happen to know that the documents in question were written by none other than the historic leading group of the party and, for the most part, predate the integration of anyone outside of Quebec into the PCR-RCP! There is absolutely no basis on which the Continuators can claim these documents do not reflect their perspectives, and in fact they claim to staunchly uphold them.”

Answer: There’s a few things I want to draw attention to in this response …

first: “ its leader describes having gotten access to internal documents of the PCR-RCP, reading them”

second: “He quit shortly after. “ ( From the claim about TBTH )

The TBTN event was in 2016 . see: https://www.facebook.com/RSM.Sudbury/photos/a.1788715101370305.1073741836.1503794336529051/1788715294703619/?type=3

The documents that I was privy to were given to me in Febuary 2017. I was not only allowed to continue to work with and organize for the RCP into March of 2017 before I actually quit; and as mentioned in the article linked above the first time I responded to these claims, was a founding member of the Sudbury Against Fascism -RCP front organization AND a member of the RCP itself until I did in fact quit the party in March of 2017 – 6 months after said incident with the SOO on my own accord. At no time was I removed from the party or the front orgs and if I had in fact not quit the party, would likely not be writing this response. So once again the Opportunist RCP either A) sacrificed political line for the opportunities afforded them by my involvement in the Sudbury community, or B) are incompetent and ignorant of what their cells and front orgs do in outlying cities. Either way, this is not a commendable trait for a Revolutionary Communist Party – Opportunist Clique.

In regard to the statement I made , yes those words I wrote, those things I felt and believed based on both the documents I read – which The Opportunists admit to me having in my posession – odd for a non member – and the practise that I was a part of in Sudbury organizing with them and similar expressions of practise from various cities organizing in the same vein – a practise for which internal debate in Sudbury was frequent.

We happen to know that the documents in question were written by none other than the historic leading group of the party and, for the most part, predate the integration of anyone outside of Quebec into the PCR-RCP! There is absolutely no basis on which the Continuators can claim these documents do not reflect their perspectives, and in fact they claim to staunchly uphold them.””

At the time, there was an ongoing line struggle within the party leading up to the congress. Members from cells were encouraged to weigh in on the debate leading up to it and it is in that context – as a member – that I “gained access to internal documents”. Based on the content of those documents – coupled with the practise of the Sudbury comrades I parted ways with the Sudbury comrades and the party. Myself, Blungey McGrues, was the only active member of A Communist Canada ever to be officially associated with the PCR-RCP.

Nearly a year later, the comrades in Quebec published a series of articles in which they explained the context surrounding the split in the RCP.





Many of the same criticisms I had with the practise of the Sudbury comrades were expressed in these documents, but more importantly, as a result of being a member and being privy to certain documents and practises, when I read the documents published by the comrades in Quebec, I recognised what they were saying about a coup to be accurate as per my experience in Sudbury. There was an active drive leading up to the Congress to convert every OC into a cell, and every supporter into a member. Something I considered odd considering the nature of a Revolutionary Communist Party; and it was in this exact context and time that I became an approved member of the PCR-RCP ( again 6 months after the incident with the SOO at TBTH ) – an approval I assume came from the centre that wrote this article. Which again, is strange considering all the claims made against me personally and my character.

When the comrades from Quebec published their articles, I reached out to them as a comrade to let them know that what they suspected happened in the way of a coup absolutely supported the activities and actions that took place in Sudbury, and extended them my solidarity. My experience with the Sudbury comrades, with the situation leading up to the congress, with the particular documents that were withheld from comrades in English Canada, all of this was consistent with what was published by “The Continuators”.

I am not currently a member of the PCR-RCP, not the Opportunists or The Continuators, although I will openly announce my support for The Continuators in the split and I think this level of pettiness shows the real character and content of The Opportunist faction of the RCP.

So yes, when I wrote those words, and based on all the information and understanding I had ( which was incomplete ) I firmly believed that … and since the “Opportunist” faction of the RCP are still engaging in the same practice that led me to remove myself from them, I still mean them. I don’t believe the Opportunist Clique of the RCP is in the best interest of the working class of Canada , and as a result I cannot and have not in any capacity supported or organized on their behalf since , with the exception of a counter-protest that was being organized when I quit both “Sudbury Against Fascism” and the “RCP-Canada”. An event at which they decided to leave the sidewalk to the fascists in order to go fly a banner advertising how they were against fascism on the highway blocks away. Yes they encouraged my wife and me to join them in that parade, but we were there to oppose fascists. Since that time, they have lost all credibility and showed exactly what they were about as an organization. Words on a paper on the internet are one thing. Actual practise in a city is another. I don’t need to defend myself or my practise in my city, the only folks who have ever taken issue are these “opportunists” in the RCP. We talked about this situation here:


Claim 5:We don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade, it’s just that we’re having trouble deciding which of these two groups is scraping harder at the bottom of the barrel.

Answer: All I can say is agreed. This is some pretty low scraping indeed by an organization that first claims were insignifant –

“Don’t feel badly if you haven’t heard of this group. A Communist Canada (ACC) is a very small “organization”, originally based in Sudbury, Ontario..”

and then blatantly ignores their own incompetence or opportunism at the hands of their Sudbury Comrades , and whoever approved my membership to their party.

We certainly appreciate the platform and the publicity mind you but are confused as to why an organization “leading the masses in revolution” would waste their time on us; especially in such an inconsistent and obviously not thought out or explored manner.

The mistakes made about our origins, our practise, the blatant disregard for your own incomeptence and or opportunism, and the seemingly unawareness that in the dynamic of “Blungey Shook hands with a fascist” vs “The RCP-Opportunists willingly admitted a fascist sympathiser into your ranks” ( which is ultimately the accusation you are making against me) weighs far more heavily toward your own failures and incompetence than mine, illustrates to me the very natrure of your petty-bourgeois reactionary tendencies.

We thank you for publishing the article you did, as it afforded us the opportunity to not only once again address claims made a year ago, but to shed light on the utter bankruptcy of your comrades in Sudbury and it clearly illustrates the huge gap between the articles you publish and the reality on the ground.

A Communist Canada has no leader. However, the constant referal to “ACC’s leader” is directed at myself Blungey Mcgrues.


Most of the accusations are aimed at me personally and so with the approval of comrades in ACC, I have been the one to compose this response. As said in the beginning of this article, it is not the practice of A Communist Canada to engage in polemics between communist organizations. Espcially ones who so obviously show they have no idea what they are talking about and should in fact examine their own practice and security failures – if in fact they believe I am a fascist sympathiser – before concerning themselves with who “a very small “organization”” chooses to support or not.

Blungey McGrues – A Communist Canada


Towards International Working Womens Day – 2018

“Too few people are aware that March 8 was born out of the revolutionary fervor of communist women, who in 1910, meeting for the 2nd Socialist International, decided to add a day to the calendar celebrating the courage of proletarians in constant struggle against their capitalist exploiters. Women such as Clara Zetkin and Alexandra Kollontai wanted the proletariat to pay a yearly tribute to its feminine component; they wanted the bourgeoisie to tremble yearly, faced with the tenacity of working women and their male counterparts taking to the streets to put them on trial…

Throughout the last century, the bourgeoisie however confiscated the revolutionary character of March 8. It insolently suppressed the adjective “working” from the name of the day. It rubbed out the whole thing with a commercial festival and well-behaved parades…

Every day, the fruit of our labour is stolen from us. Every day, in our houses, we carry out free labour the profits of which end in the hands of capitalists. We have had more than enough of small salaries, irregular schedules, of preparing meals, cleaning and caring for children without the help we need. The only liberatory perspective is the collectivisation of all this labour, it is socialism! …

Working women, unemployed, immigrant and Native women, single mothers, wives, revolutionaries, communists, let us reclaim March 8 and make it glow under the flame of revolution!
Let us celebrate working women, those who craft the world and who produce all the wealth!

Let us not content ourselves to the struggle against sexism: Let us topple capitalism together, since our full and genuine liberation depends on it! The end of the exploitation of Man by Man will be the end of the exploitation of women!

Let us take to the streets and resolutely oppose imperialism that rots the lives of our sisters overseas! Let us take to the streets to overthrow the world that has held us under the yoke of oppression for thousands of years!”

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Front
RPFF – RCP (Quebec)